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A product of passion, Le Must is the premier luxury condiment and preserves brand of choice to five-star hotels and prestige venues around the world.

Combining classic culinary techniques with a contemporary enthusiasm for innovation and perfection, the maîtres artisans of Le Must craft all-natural balanced blends of food-forward condiments and artisan preserves, produced in small batches, to deliver a taste and texture that sets Le Must apart.

Never content to settle for less than the best, our passion and creativity remains grounded in our meticulous fervor for refining the subtleties that carefully selected ingredients can yield. We take great pride that our signature select condiment collection is a distinctive accompaniment on the world’s finest tables.


Le Must founder Moshé Cohen’s career has been focused on propelling luxury food & beverage brands globally.

After spending 25 years discovering and promoting some of the finest brands in specialty foods around the world, he realized one food category lacked a gourmet option: condiments.

Whether dining at a 5-star hotel or at a fast-food restaurant, a guest will typically be offered the same mass-market brands of ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.

With a passion for creating unique culinary experiences, Cohen felt there had to be a better option for luxury hospitality. He could not find one, so he created Le Must based on everything he learned about luxury: « it is a sum of details ».


Quality & Tradition

Le Must creations are the nuanced recipes of a collaboration of merited master food artisans.
It starts with an elevated awareness for flavor that sources ingredients when the season is just right, timing that is crucial to creating tastes and textures that are both subtle and sublime, innovative and irresistible, complimenting fine food brilliantly.

Authenticity & Terroir

Crafting in small batches to deliver an exceptional taste, we take pride in the authenticity and approach of creating products rooted in world-class gastronomy. While most modern mustard is the result of cooking or high-speed industrial grinding, we maintain the traditional cold stone grind process of the ‘brassica juncea’ mustard seed.


A product of passion, Le Must is the premier luxury condiment and preserves brand of choice to five-star hotels, private aviation and prestige venues around the world.


The conviction that a luxury food must be clothed and presented in a luxury vessel unites design, glamour, tradition and quality in the crafting of Le Must's iconic jar and bespoke displays. Each bottle is a work of art and offers a unique, sensory experience to your guests. Made to invite and delight even the most discriminating guests, the uniquely shaped signature presentation of le Must promises to make even the most mundane meal memorable.


Le Must is a celebration of heritage and nature. Taking an organic approach, we work directly with growers dedicated to sustainable farming practices in order to procure the finest ingredients in the world. You can taste the difference.

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