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The finest condiments and preserves you will experience in a classic mini jar, each generous single-serve portion of these premium savory and sweet creations is certified organic or 100% natural. Economically priced for a versatile usage at in-room dining or banquet application, with the signature exquisite taste and texture that you expect from a Le Must creation.

Le Must Premium Condiments on Trestle Vertical.jpg

Elegantly presented in a classic mini jar for in room dining or banquet applications, these condiments are the perfect accompaniment to your fine dining endeavors.

Le Must Premium Organic Dijon Mustard with Charcuterie Roomservice  Mini Square.jpg

Our organic preserves are made in the South of France where true authentic recipes are kept, and cooked in small batches in copper cauldrons in keeping with Provence tradition. Le Must's innovative spirit is reflected in our superb re-creation of America's sweet pantry classics

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